2nd Chance To Catch The Web-A-Thon

If you missed the Kickstart Norfolk Web-A-Thon... shame on you... but here's your chance to catch it again.
And don't forget to contribute to our Kickstarter Campaign.  Time is running out!

Don't Miss The Kickstart Norfolk Web-A-Thon!  Tonight!!!

Alchemy NFK and the Push Comedy Theater will unite Tuesday, April 1, 2014 from 6-9 pm for “Kickstart Norfolk,” an online-only fundraising effort featuring live music, comedy and art. With the help of local advertising agency Sway Creative Labs, the pair of Norfolk Arts District businesses will hold one of the area's first “web-a-thons.” The group will leverage Google Hangouts On Air technology to broadcast a variety show that highlights some of Norfolk’s finest young talent in real time. Viewers will be able to stream the event live at

The three-hour program will benefit Kickstarter campaigns for both Alchemy NFK and The Pushers Comedy Group. Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website that enables entrepreneurs to reach their all-or-nothing fundraising goals by offering backers exclusive rewards and experiences in exchange for their donations. If successful, The Pushers plan to renovate a 90-seat comedy theater for live improv and standup acts, while Alchemy NFK hopes to upgrade its facilities into a functioning creative community center complete with artist spaces and a photography lab.

For Alchemy's Kickstarter, visit:

For The Push Comedy Theater's Kickstarter visit:

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The Ghent Hipsters Are Back

Darren Colley and Clark Ghent love the new Norfolk Art's District and the soon to arrive Push Comedy Theater.  Show your love to by donating to our Kickstarter Campaign.  Every little bit helps!


The Pushers Movie Night: A Night of Improv

It's A Huge Night Of Improv!!!!

The Pushers
-Get ready for a comedy onslaught from Hampton Roads premiere comedy group. It's going to be a rocking good time! The Pushers are chomping at the bit to attack the Iguana stage.

The Movie
-Watch as a talented group of improvisers create a movie right before your eyes. You give them a suggestion, they give you a Hollywood blockbuster!!

And more... we have some more surprises in store for you, but it's going to cost you 5 bucks to find out.

The Pushers Movie Night at The Iguana
Saturday, March 15th at The Iguana

The show starts at 7pm and is $5.

The Iguana
1083 W 37th Street . Norfolk


Help make the Push Comedy Theater a reality!

This summer The Pushers will open the Push Comedy Theater in Norfolk' brand new Arts District.  We are very excited about this endevour to make a home for comedy lovers in the 757.  
But we can't do it without you.  We have started a Kickstarter Campaign to help raise money for lights, the stage, sound system, etc.  Even a couple of dollars can help us reach our goal.  Please donate and help us make Norfolk the mecca of Hampton Roads comedy!


The Pushers have room to improv on Granby Street

The Pushers have room to improv on Granby Street

This is not a joke: The sketch comedy group The Pushers - the funny and raunchy performers who bring New York to Norfolk - plan to open a small theater near downtown for classes and performances.

The local group has found success with its own shows and with comedy classes that members teach in Norfolk, so The Pushers are confident they have the audience to support a theater.

"We've been wanting to do it for years," said founder Brad McMurran. "I'm in love with Hampton Roads."

The theater would be located at 763 Granby St. in what is becoming an arts district. Many buildings along that stretch of Granby - between Brambleton Avenue and Virginia Beach Boulevard - are vacant, but the strip was given life last spring when the city brought in a consultant to illustrate what the area would look like if it were full of businesses and art.

If plans stay on schedule, The Pushers want to open the theater by summer.

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"Panties in a Twist" So funny, girl

Saturday evening, The NorVa will host the third annual production of “Panties in a Twist,” a comedy show by local sketch and improv comedy group The Pushers that they proudly promote as featuring “all women on stage, all women writers, and all women technicians.”
It’s an interesting tag line, considering The Pushers are mostly male – three-fifths of its core membership carry the Y chromosome. And of the two female Pushers, Tiffany Chilcott is currently living in New York.
That leaves Alba Woolard to lead the ship for this annual, all-female comedy show. Obviously, she has some help – from local actresses and production aides who aren’t part of The Pushers’ ranks.
But this year’s “Panties,” which includes members of The Pilot staff, is all about Woolard, who joined The Pushers in 2007. She’s taken the reins by herself, and although she admits that any sense of power she may feel is often countered with an equal sense of terror, her comedy cohorts have been confident in her abilities from the very beginning.
We know, because they told us.

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Panties In A Twist 3: The All Female Sketch Comedy Show

The biggest comedy show in Hampton Roads is back!!!

Panties in a Twist 3: The All Female Sketch Comedy Show

The Pushers have gathered Hampton Roads' finest and funniest female writers, actresses and comedians for the most kick ass comedy show ever seen!!!

Panties In A Twist is a sketch comedy show written by women... starring women... and brought to you on Norfolk's biggest stage, The NorVa.

Last year's Panties show was huge... and we're just getting started. We have assembled our biggest and funniest cast ever.
With all these funny women in one place, this is guaranteed to be a huge event!!!

Last year Panties in a Twist was one of Hampton Roads' most talked about shows... so make sure you're part of history again and get your tickets now!

The Pushers present Panties In A Twist 3: The All Female Sketch Comedy Show
Saturday, February 22nd at 8pm.
$12.50 in advance. $15 Night of the show.

Tickets available at Ticketmaster and at



Auditions for Panties in a Twist 3!!!

That’s right! The Pushers are bringing back Panties in a Twist!

Panties In A Twist 3: The All Female Sketch Comedy Show!!!

"So what does that mean?" you might ask yourself. Well we’ll tell ya… All women on stage, all women writers, and all women technicians.

Why are we doing this? Because we frikkin’ can!
We want to showcase the many funny, talented, beautiful women this area has! We don’t need no stinking men!

Plus, some of the proceeds will go toward a local charity! Hell yeah!

Just like previous years, the show will be in downtown Norfolk at the NorVa. It will be the evening of Saturday, February 22nd at 8pm.

We will rehearse the show from February 6th to February 21st. This a a tight rehearsal schedule, so being aware of possible scheduling conflicts beforehand is crucial. 

Auditions will be held Saturday, February 1st, at 1pm at The Muse Writers Center.

Auditions will consist of cold reads from scripts as well as some improv, but you do not need to have improv experience to be part of this show!

If you have something prepared, we’d love to see it! However, you are not required to prepare anything.

If you have a head shot and resume, we’d love to see that, too! Again, you are not required to have either of these things.

Just bring yourself and be ready for anything!

AUDITIONS for Panties In A Twist 3
Saturday, February 1st at 1pm

The Muse Writers Center
16-A Orapax St., Norfolk

If you cannot make this audition time, let us know by emailing by January 25th. We will try our best to work something out for you.



The Pushers Push Their Way Into The Norfolk Arts District

By Jesse Scaccia/

A 90-seat theater devoted to improv and sketch comedy is coming to the Norfolk Arts District, owned and operated by none other than Hampton Roads' resident funnymen (and women), The Pushers.
"We've been around for nine years," said co-founder of The Pushers, Bradford McMurran. "For nine years we've wanted to do this, to help put Norfolk on the comedy map. That it's happening in the Arts District makes us even more pumped up."
The theater, which will also host The Pushers' comedy school, is slated to open in May or June. The space is on the 700 block of Granby, adjacent to The Texaco Building and the future Parlor on Granby.
"We're hoping to be an entree in the grand buffet that is the Arts District," said Pusher Ed Carden, a Cox High grad who works in the Virginia Beach Public Schools. "It's a brave new world for us."
The Pushers have been on one heck of a run the past few years. They launched the Norfolk Comedy Festival two years ago. They're wrapping up a successful chapter of teaching around 100 students a term at The Muse. They've also seen a 50 Shades of Grey parody written by Brad, fellow Pusher Sean Devereux, and local theater mainstay Jeremiah Albers make it to off-Broadway and then onto a national tour. The show, called Cuff Me!was well-received by The New York Times, and looks to be the first in a series of satirical shows written by the team, the next one spoofing Twilight and True Blood.
Improv and sketch comedy are about more than just the laughs to The Pushers.
"Improv forces you to play with other people--in order to create something good you have to work together," said Pusher Alba Woolard, a Kempsville grad whose day job is as a standardized patient educator at EVMS. "In improv you always have to say Yes (to whatever the other actors are suggesting). It helps you start from a place of Yes in life."
Ed called it "a form of applied philosophy." Brad took it a step farther:
"It's almost like Buddhism," said Brad, a proud Portsmouth native who attended Norfolk Collegiate. "You have to retrain your mind to accept the other person's energy."
Along with the improv and sketch classes there are plans for acting classes, courses in film production and directing, and something that sounds crazy and amazing called musical improv that Sean described as a "Broadway musical that's made up right on the spot."

"The minority of people who take our classes want to make it a career," said Sean, who went to First Colonial. "The majority are looking for something missing in their lives."
The Pushers originally were formed at ODU by Ed, Brad, and Sean, who attended George Mason, with Alba joining the group in 2009. It was very cool to interview the The Pushers outside of their new theater today. Brother Rutter, owner of The Texaco Building, drove by and stopped to tell them how excited he was to have them as neighbors. Quincy from The Parlor stopped to chat as well. When The Pushers asked him about his expected hours, his answer was laced with the synergy and cohesion we hope to see as the thriving undercurrent of the neighborhood.
"That depends on you all," Quincy said. "We're geared toward what the Arts District needs."
The Pushers site operations like Charleston's Theatre 99 and NYC's Upright Citizen's Brigade, where Sean and Brad both trained, as inspiration. No doubt, their teachers would be proud.
"We've finally found a home of our own," said Sean.